Photos: Table 20 LA’s Best Bartender

Table 20 LA's Best Bartender

A few months ago, Table 20 began a search to find LA’s Best Bartender by inviting the public to nominate and vote for their favorite bartenders. After the 30-day nomination and voting period, contest judges narrowed the top 25 vote-getters down to six finalists. All the cocktails were punches made with Don Q Rum.

Table 20 LA's Best Bartender

Devon Espinosa (The Tasting Kitchen)

Table 20 LA's Best Bartender

Alex Straus (Suite 700 at Hotel Shangri-La, Hemingway’s Lounge)

Table 20 LA's Best Bartender

Dee Ann Quinones (Susan Feniger’s Street, The Parlour Room, Philippe Chow)

Table 20 LA's Best Bartender

Joseph Brooke (The Edison)

Table 20 LA's Best Bartender

Max Diaz (Cicada Club, Cole’s)

Matt Biancaniello (Library Bar at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel)
People’s Choice Bartender Winner and Table 20 Winner

Photographer’s Notes:

Cameras Used:

  • Nikon D700

Lens Used:

  • Nikon 50mm f/1.4

Taking photographs in near darkness only means one thing, a nifty fifty and a body that can handle high ISO’s. I decided to do all monochrome/black and white to match the feeling of the night.

Also it should be noted that if you set your camera to capture in RAW vs JPG and also set your camera to monochrome or B/W instead of any of the color modes the RAW image will still retain all the color. You will see that happen once you import the RAW images into your favorite image editor. If your camera can shoot booth RAW and JPG simuntaneously then the JPG will be in monochrome SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera).

Congratulations to Matt Biancaniello and all the other finalists.  Trevor Smith, founder of Table 20 did a great job of putting up this contest and a well-deserved spotlight on some of our city’s most talented bartenders.